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Welcome to the interweb home for Mesch & Cod. We are based in LA, avid players of scrabble, and well versed in Shakespere. Our music comedy duo is a music comedy duo.


hey folks, our tumblr page is no longer being updated… please head over to for all things Mesch and/or Cod!

water splash attempt part 2

Thanks to all who helped on the shoot today! Here’s a behind the scenes clip for ya!

brand new song! and it’s live!!!

(some bonus interview footage that didn’t make the cut!)

This rare interview with the premier Debbie Friedman cover band of the early 2000s, Not By Might, has been uncovered and uploaded to YouTube. Enjoy this small, yet insightful, look into the lives of Jason Mesches and Jacob Perlin before they formed Mesch & Cod.

Produced by: Jacobs Entertainment Worldwide
Shot and Directed by: Ryan Kawamoto
Written by: Mesch & Cod

mesch wrote a song for his sister on her wedding day last week… enjoy!

We are on the CW news!

A local CW affiliate picked us up on the evening news! You gotta watch the video on the right side of the page when you get there… hilarious commentary!

a big thanks to all who helped put this one together… we now present to you: The Accidental Hipster

To celebrate the launch of our new music video tomorrow, here’s an old picture today!

To celebrate the launch of our new music video tomorrow, here’s an old picture today!

Cod auditions for Groovestand - 2005. A timeless classic!

A few things to note: Cod’s full head of hair. Ben Offenberg’s voice in the background. The entire audition panel losing their minds laughing. The high quality camera phone quality from 2005 - thats just 5 years ago folks!

in the recording studio layin down tracks for our newest song “labor day”. here’s cod knowing exactly when to come in.

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